Why are Volumetric Mixers Important?

Volumetric mixers are becoming more and more important in the construction industry. Contractors are shifting from traditional concrete pouring to volumetric more each year because these mixers provide a variety of advantages. So why are volumetric mixers important? Read on and find out!

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How to Prevent Concrete Cracking

image of cracked concrete with the text "prevent cracked concrete"

As the weather changes and concrete expands and contracts, it can begin to crack. Obviously you don’t want to deal with the stress and expense of fixing these concrete cracks. Take these four steps when you pour concrete in order to prevent concrete cracking.

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Why Are We the #1 Chicago Construction Supplies Source?

There are a lot of great Chicago construction supplies companies. But we’re the #1 source for contractors in Chicago. So what makes Elston Materials a great Chicago construction supplies company?

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