How Volumetric Mixers Save Money

Volumetric mixers are a crucial element to any construction project looking to pour concrete. Not only are they incredibly useful and create strong concrete, but they also help save money too! Learn more about how volumetric mixers save money and why you should consider them for your next project.

How Volumetric Mixers save money

The secret to how volumetric mixers save money is in how they mix concrete. These mixers do not mix concrete until they’re at the construction site. Because of this, you can order as much or as little concrete as you need. Since you can customize your order size, you only pay for what you need to use! Traditional concrete mixers mix off-site, so you pay for the whole batch regardless of how much you need to use. So whether you need concrete for a large or small project, volumetric mixers are the perfect way to decrease your expenses.

Other benefits to these mixers

So not only will these mixers save you money, but they also have many other advantages, too! Did you know that concrete from volumetric mixers is stronger than concrete from traditional mixers? Because volumetric mixers don’t mix concrete until they’re on-site, the ratio of water to cement is always perfect to ensure a strong concrete result. And why wouldn’t you want your concrete to be as strong as possible?

Where to find volumetric mixers

If you want to save money on your next construction project, Elston Materials has the volumetric mixers you need. And if you’re looking for other masonry and concrete supplies, we have you covered for that, too! You can browse all of our products here and learn all we have to offer our community of builders. We’re ranked Chicago’s #1 source for masonry supplies for a reason!

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