Why You Should Use Volumetric Mixers

Should you use volumetric mixers? As they become more popular in the construction industry, we’ve set out to examine why this is and if you should use them yourself. These are a few of the most popular reasons to use these mixers at your construction site.

Fresher concrete

When you use volumetric mixers, you’ll get fresher concrete. Volumetric mixers mix their concrete right at your construction site, guaranteeing you concrete that hasn’t sat or congealed at all before you start to pour. It’s all freshly made so you can have a fresh, high-quality pour every time.

Stronger concrete

Another result of these mixers is the concrete is stronger. When you mix your cement compound and water, a chemical reaction takes place to bind all the aggregates and form strong concrete. However, when you mix off-site, you’ll need to add more water to the concrete before you pour it. This extra water can weaken the cement mixture.

But when you use volumetric mixers, you don’t need to add this extra water, so the ratio of water to cement is exact. This results in stronger concrete every time.

Consistent concrete

In addition to its freshness and strength, concrete made with volumetric mixers are able to produce concrete with consistent quality. This is important because if you’re pouring a large area with multiple concrete batches, you want them to all have the same consistency and strength! When you use traditional mixers, adding different amounts of water to each batch can affect the consistency. But the volumetric mixers allow you to achieve consistency.

Cheaper concrete

Plus, because you can mix the concrete on site, you only have to pay for what you need. And when you only pay for the concrete you need, you’ll save money! Instead of paying for a large batch of concrete and only using a portion of it, volumetric mixers let you order and use exactly what you need. So if you’re tired of paying extra for product you won’t even use, volumetric mixers are the perfect solution!

Decided to trust volumetric mixers with your next concrete pour?

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Cassie Vu