Why are Volumetric Mixers Important?

Volumetric mixers are becoming more and more important in the construction industry. Contractors are shifting from traditional concrete pouring to volumetric more each year because these mixers provide a variety of advantages. So why are volumetric mixers important? Read on and find out!

Stronger concrete

You want strong concrete, right? Of course you do. And one of the reasons volumetric mixers are so important is its ability to consistently produce stronger concrete than traditional mixers. When you use a traditional mixer, you’ll mix the concrete off-site, and then again once it arrives on site. The second mix will require added water, which will weaken the concrete.

More reliable concrete

In addition to its strength, your concrete’s reliability is important. You don’t want to pour one area of concrete that’s high-quality, and then a connecting area that’s low quality. This can happen with traditional mixers, since the concrete quality can change with each batch, depending on the water added. But with volumetric mixers, you’re mixing everything together on-site, which creates a more consistent and reliable pour.

Money saving

No contractor wants to waste money on a job. And wasting money is exactly what happens with traditional concrete. Because it’s mixed off-site, you can only purchase specific amounts, and might end up with extra. But because volumetric mixers mix concrete on-site as needed, you only have to buy what you need!

Environmentally friendly

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, you won’t find better than volumetric mixers. Traditional concrete releases high amounts of dust, adding to environmental pollution. But with volumetric mixers, you avoid this. You also prevent waste by using only the concrete you need. 

Now that you know how important volumetric mixers are…

Use one for your next project. Elston Materials has volumetric mixers so we can provide our clients with the best concrete. We’ve long understood that volumetric mixers are an important part of the construction industry’s future and we work hard to always provide the best products–from concrete and masonry to tools. Call us or contact us for more information about our volumetric mixers.

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Cassie Vu