Why Should You Trust Ready-Mix Concrete

When you need concrete, there are a few different routes you can take to pour the concrete. You can go the traditional route with a traditional concrete mixer, or you can go the new route: ready-mix. But should you trust ready-mix concrete? Here are a few of the reasons why you should.

Mixed on-site

This concrete is always mixed on-site, which keeps it fresh and ready to pour. This is a huge advantage because it eliminates two disadvantages of traditional concrete: less reliability and durability. But with ready-mix, you can experience more reliable and durable concrete — all while saving money.


One of the biggest reasons to trust ready-mix concrete is because of its reliability. Because it’s made in batches and mixed on-site, this type of concrete is more consistent. Ready-mix uses a reliable formula and is made with the newest equipment, like volumetric mixers. This keeps the concrete more reliable and consistent.


When you mix concrete off-site, you’ll have to add more water when you get to the site to keep the concrete fresh. However, this process weakens the concrete because it unbalances the formula used to keep the cement and water combination balanced. When you use ready-mix, you only have to mix it once. This means that you’ll have the perfect water to cement ratio without watering it down, which makes the concrete more durable.

Only pay for what you need

Because ready-mix concrete is mixed on-site, you only have to pay for what you need. This is a major reason you should trust ready-mix concrete. With ready-mix, you can order as little or as much concrete as you need, so you won’t get stuck paying for concrete you won’t use.

Now that you trust ready-mix concrete

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Cassie Vu