A 21st-Century Concrete Supply House

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Concrete is incredibly versatile and durable. It’s the most widely used man-made material in the world. Sure, we’re a concrete supply house, and we have a vested interest in supplying it. We wanted to explain some of the benefits and the role of concrete in 2017. Continue reading

How to Cut And Bend Rebar

Using rebar can be a vital part of any construction project, whether it be a huge building or a backyard remodel. Figuring out the best way to cut or bend rebar is just as important as laying it out, otherwise, you’ll be stuck with only one length and no way to change the direction.

Here’s How to Cut and Bend Rebar

Bolt Cutter Can Go A Long Way

Using a bolt cutter isn’t only for cutting locks and chains. This tool is very effective at cutting rebar as well and doesn’t require hulk-like strength to do so. This is good for situations when you have to trim the rebar to match a certain length or size.

Circular Saw Is the Go-To Machine

While a bolt cutter is good to use in a pinch, a circular saw is most people’s preferred choice. Using a diamond blade, a circular saw can cut through rebar much more efficiently and consistently, allowing for better cuts.

Using A Torch Is Another Option

While we you can most certainly melt the rebar using a plasma torch, we wouldn’t recommend it as your go-to method. Due to the fact that the torch melts the rebar instead of cuts it, the material is left uneven. Not only that, but it often takes longer and is less cost friendly, so only use it if you have to.

When In Doubt, Use Your Hands

As the final straw and no other options available, a manual saw can be used to cut the rebar. Make sure you’re using a good blade that isn’t dull. Regardless, this process will obviously be arduous work and require time and patience.

A Steel Pipe and Hickey Bar Makes Bending Easy

Using the rebar and inserting it into the slot of a hickey bar, you can use a steel pipe to bend the protruding part. This is a simple way to correct or change the direction in which you want the rebar to go.

How To Install Stone Veneer

how to install stone veneer


Elston Materials offers an incredible array of stone veneer for you to use. Whether it’s an accent wall, fireplace wall, or outside landscape design, stone veneer is a great building material to add a unique touch to your decor. Installing stone veneer can be a difficult process, so those with little to no prior experience should strongly consider hiring a professional. Continue reading

5 Ways to Handle Old Concrete

old concrete - ways to use it

Unless the land of the project you’re working on have never been developed, you’ll more than likely have to remove old materials. A lot of the time that material is old concrete. Removing old concrete can be quite burdensome, especially when it can’t be salvaged. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some ideas to deal with old concrete. Continue reading

Concrete Finishing Tips

concrete finishing

When it comes to concrete finishing, you can’t simply pour the concrete and let it dry. While that would be more than ideal, there’s proper steps to adhere by in order to achieve a solid concrete slab. At Elston Materials, we make it our mission to deliver you the highest quality material the Chicagoland has to offer. After that, we put the ball in your court to see that the project you’re working on is completed in the right way. Continue reading

Concrete Admixtures: What You Need To Know

When it comes construction and masonry supplies, Elston Materials is Chicago’s premiere company. We provide our clients with the best building materials to get their projects completed in a timely and high-quality manner. We also like informing our potential clients about the products they are interested in so as give them enough information to buy the correct material. In the case of concrete admixtures, there are plenty of uses and mixtures to be aware of. Continue reading