Elston Materials – The Chicago Contractors’ Choice

Elston Materials provides contractors and architects the best quality masonry, brick and construction supplies at an affordable cost. We are a family-owned and operated minority business.

We are the contractors’ favorite masonry supplies and building material supply house in Chicago. From diamond blades to brick and concrete block, we are Chicago’s number one source for masonry supplies and building materials.

Elston Materials Named in Top Ten Ready-Mix Companies

Chicago Construction Magazine recently named Elston Materials as one of Chicago’s top 10 Ready-Mix Companies! They wrote, “What makes the family-owned concrete manufacturing company special? According to Alex and Lenny Puig, it comes down to flexibility, speedy service, top equipment, and having a niche.”

The article also pointed out why ready-mix concrete is so important: “Because their fresh concrete is mixed on site, customers only pay for what they use . . . If contractors require more concrete than what had been requested, they’ll normally have extra concrete on the truck that they can supply. This helps reduce waste; another feat the team is proud of.”

Sustainable LEED Block


Rectangle or Square


Column or Tube

Note: When entering values in feet remember that 6″ is not 0.6 of a foot, it is 0.5 of a foot. As an example, a measurement of 10 feet 3 inches would be entered as 10.25 feet, as 3″ is a 0.25 of a foot. A measurement of 6 feet 9 inches would be entered as 6.75 feet as 9″ is 0.75 of a foot.

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