Our Top Concrete Pouring Tips

Concrete pours are a critical part of any project. Any problems with the concrete pour can have a ripple effect and cause many serious problems down the line. Here are some concrete pouring tips to ensure your job goes smoothly.

Prepare the area

This is one of the most important concrete pouring tips. Before you even begin to pour, make sure the area is clean and prepped for the pour. Starting your pour and realizing something is not ready or that there is something wrong with your pouring area can add delays or even make you need to start over.

Get quality concrete

It’s equally important to use high-quality concrete for your pour. When you use high-quality, strong concrete, you end up with a longer-lasting product. And when you’re pouring concrete, you want it to last for a long time. You don’t want an end result that will start breaking down within a few years.

Use a volumetric mixer to pour

One of our biggest concrete pouring tips is to use a volumetric mixer. These mix concrete on-site, so you get a stronger pour and more reliable product. There are many advantages to using volumetric mixers, including saving money, getting better concrete, and being more environmentally friendly. You can read more about those advantages here.

Only order what you need

And if you’re looking to save money, volumetric mixers and ready-mix concrete are the best ways to save. Using this pouring method means you’ll be able to order only what you need. And this concrete pouring tip will save you money since using traditional mixers often means you’ll have leftover concrete you’ve paid for but didn’t use.

Don’t rush

And of course, don’t rush your concrete pour. When pouring concrete, it’s important to take your time and make sure you complete each step fully. Don’t rush, or you might miss steps or end up with an uneven concrete pour.

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Cassie Vu