Volumetric Mixer Tips and Tricks

Volumetric Mixers are an important part of creating a budget-friendly, strong, and environmentally-friendly build. We have some key volumetric mixer tips and tricks to help your new build go smoothly.

Saving money

Volumetric mixers are a famously critical way to save money on your construction project. Because these mixers are able to mix concrete on-site, they don’t produce excess concrete. This way, you only have to pay for the concrete you need. Gone are the days where you need to buy an entire mixer’s worth of concrete just because you need half of it. Save money and only pay for what you need by using volumetric mixers. 

Environmentally friendly

Another volumetric mixer tip is that they’re also good for the environment. Because they don’t produce extra concrete, they don’t expel extra pollutants into the air. And, due to the process volumetric mixers use to create cement, it’s actually better for the environment. Traditional concrete pours release high amounts of dust into the air, which increases pollution, while volumetric mixers don’t.

Consistently strong

These mixers mix concrete on-site, which means they can consistently produce strong concrete. When concrete is mixed, it combines aggregates with water, and the ratio is incredibly important to producing a strong end result. But traditional mixers need to mix concrete once when it’s first poured into the mixer, and then again once it arrives to the construction site. The second mix adds extra water into the mix, which can unbalance the ratio and results in weaker concrete. But volumetric mixers only mix once, which means you’ll get the strongest concrete, consistently.

Our biggest volumetric mixer tip

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Cassie Vu