What are the Advantages of Volumetric Mixers?

What are the advantages of volumetric mixers? There are several! These top 3 advantages are reasons why you should consider using these mixers for your next project.

Better quality cement

When you use volumetric mixers, your cement will be more uniform, meaning it will be better quality–and stronger! Traditional concrete mixers mix your concrete twice: once when it is first mixed, and once at the site when it’s ready to pour. Each mix adds water, and added water can weaken concrete. However, our volumetric mixers only mix concrete once: on-site when you’re ready to pour it, which means it has the perfect amount of water in it, resulting in stronger and more reliable concrete!

Better for the environment

Because of the process volumetric mixers use to create cement, it’s actually better for the environment. Traditional concrete pours release high amounts of dust into the air, which increases pollution. Volumetric mixers don’t! When you use volumetric mixers, you also can be more specific about how much concrete you need and only mix (and pay for!) what you’ll use. And, since creating concrete always creates a certain amount of pollution, you’re reducing pollution by only using the amount you need and not creating extra waste.

Better for your budget

And because when you use volumetric mixers you only have to pay for the concrete you need, an advantage of volumetric mixers you can’t overlook is how they’re better for your budget. You’ll no longer have to overpay for cement you don’t need to use, which could free up space in your budget for something else–at the very least, it will help you save money.

The advantages of volumetric mixers are clear

You want to use these for your next project! Elston Materials offers volumetric mixers you can use for your next project. Visit our website here to learn more about our volumetric concrete mixers and contact us if you have any questions.

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Cassie Vu