Stadiums Under Construction

“If you build it, they will come.” This quote from the “Field of Dreams” movie seems to be the inspiration for many of the newest construction projects, like apartment buildings and entertainment districts. In fact, that can even be applied to stadiums under construction as well. With some sports stadiums now including plans for apartment buildings or their own entertainment districts, let’s take a closer look at some of the newest stadiums under construction in the United States.

Stadium Impact

Before we dive into the new stadiums and their offerings, it is important to know the impact that a new stadium can have on the area. For example, the Bay Area Economic Institute did a projection on the impact that a new stadium for the Oakland Athletics would generate. Over the first 10 years of operation, they estimated that it would bring in over 3 billion dollars! This is due to construction, game day, and team operations. This does not even include the extra revenue from businesses around the stadium that would benefit. More and more stadiums are being built with private funds and extra benefits to the community. For example, Miami Freedom Park in Miami, Florida is doing this right now. The 73 acre complex will have “…58 acres of public parks and green space, a tech hub, restaurants and shops, soccer fields for the community, a 25,000 stadium for Inter Miami, and many more features,” according to their website.

Under Construction

Some future stadiums include the Los Angeles Clippers Intuit Dome and the new home for our Chicago Bears. Although the construction of the Bears stadium is in development, it will be constructed soon. We hope you learned a little bit about the impact of stadium construction. At Elston Materials, we understand that all construction adds value, so use the highest quality products for your project. Use Elston Materials. 

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