Concrete vs Cement: What is the Difference?

Concrete vs cement — while the two are very similar materials, there are some important differences you need to know. We break down the major differences between the two as well as how you can ensure your concrete is strong.

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Should You Use Ready-Mix Concrete?

You’re beginning a new construction project and need to pour concrete. Should you use ready-mix concrete? We break down some of the ways you can tell if ready-mix is right for your next project.

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Finding the Best Small Job Concrete Suppliers

Sometimes, you don’t need large amounts of concrete–sometimes, you’re working on a job that requires only a small amount of concrete. So what’s the best small job concrete suppliers? We have all the information you need for finding the best in Chicago.

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Main Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete has many advantages. These four major advantages are main reasons why we’re seeing more and more people shift to ready mix.. Looking for ready mix? We have those answers too. Learn why you should consider ready mix for your next project.

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Elston Materials named in Top 10 Ready-Mix Concrete Companies in Chicago

Last month, Elston Materials was featured in Chicago Construction News as one of the Top 10 Ready-Mix Concrete Companies in Chicago. We’re so honored to have been included in this list!

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The Benefits of Mixing Concrete On-Site

mixing concrete on-site

When you’re using concrete, you have two options: mixing concrete on-site or mixing concrete off-site. At the end of the day, both options will get you concrete. But which one is better? On-site or off-site concrete mixing? We’ll examine the benefits of mixing concrete on-site.

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Why Are We the #1 Chicago Construction Supplies Source?

There are a lot of great Chicago construction supplies companies. But we’re the #1 source for contractors in Chicago. So what makes Elston Materials a great Chicago construction supplies company?

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Benefits of Using Concrete

With so many materials on the market today, it can be tough to decide which to use for your project. However, concrete has several benefits it’s impossible to deny. Consider why you should use concrete in your next project.

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The Benefits of Maxi-Mix, the Pre-Blended Mortar

While you’re on a construction site, timely and consistent delivery is incredibly important. We provide pre-blended mortar solutions like Maxi-Mix to meet this need. At Elston Materials, we understand that even the at-home construction, masonry, or renovation work requires a consistent product like Maxi-Mix. Continue reading