Are You Prepared for Chicago Construction Season?

The snow is finally melting, sunlight is lasting longer, and spring is in the air! While it’s not Chicago construction season just yet, we’re almost there. As you prepare for the projects you’ve got coming up, make sure you’re getting the best supplies available. These are some of the most in-demand Chicago construction materials so you can hit the ground running!

Volumetric mixers

Volumetric mixers are only getting more popular each year. When there’s a concrete pouring option that’s cheaper, faster, and still produces better quality concrete than traditional mixers, why wouldn’t you choose it? We can supply these mixers throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to make your construction project easier.

Ready mix concrete

Going hand-in-hand with the volumetric mixers, ready mix concrete is the way of the future. Being able to guarantee consistently high-quality concrete mixes is a game changer for new builds. Ready mix is also more environmentally friendly, efficient, and budget friendly when compared to traditional concrete!

Concrete blocks

Speaking of the way of the future, LEED certified concrete blocks are the way forward. These blocks are sustainably produced and more environmentally friendly than regular concrete blocks. And of course, they’re just as strong! Our LEED certified concrete block comes in many varieties, including fire rated, so you can build with the best.


When you’re pouring concrete for a large project, having sturdy rebar is essential. This helps keep the concrete in place and provides support. So you know you want quality rebar, otherwise what’s the point of using it? Our rebar will provide the support your project needs, so you can guarantee even stronger builds.

The #1 source for masonry construction supplies in Chicago

When you’re looking for Chicago construction supplies, you could go to a general hardware store and get mediocre materials. Or, you could use the #1 source for masonry construction supplies in Chicago, as voted on by contractors. Elston Materials has everything you’ll need for this upcoming construction season and can guarantee it will all be high-quality. View our products here.

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Cassie Vu

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