Main Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete has many advantages. These four major advantages are main reasons why we’re seeing more and more people shift to ready mix.. Looking for ready mix? We have those answers too. Learn why you should consider ready mix for your next project.

Greater efficiency

One of the major advantages of ready mix concrete is its efficiency. Traditionally, concrete mixing and pouring would be an hours-long process, but thanks to the new technology used for ready mix, this time is drastically reduced. The faster manufacturing process also saves energy in addition to time.

Environmentally friendly

Being environmentally conscious is becoming increasingly important. Traditional concrete releases high amounts of dust, which adds to environmental pollution. It also creates loud noise, adding to noise pollution of the surrounding area. However, ready mix doesn’t do this. Thanks to the ready mix version, your project can be more environmentally friendly.

Budget friendly

Similarly, this concrete can also be budget friendly. Using it can reduce costs by reducing the amount of labor required to mix and pour concrete as well as eliminating waste. With this method, you can mix concrete as you need it, so you’re not buying extra materials up front that you don’t use.

Consistent quality

Because of how this concrete is made, it guarantees more consistent quality. Instead of being hand mixed, ready mix is made with newer equipment, such as volumetric mixers, and a more reliable formula. This creates a strong concrete with consistent quality across batches.

Looking for ready-mix concrete?

Look no further! At Elston Materials we have all of the concrete you’ll need. Order ready-mix concrete by calling 773-235-3100 and browse our other concrete and masonry supplies here. We also offer volumetric mixers for your concrete mixing and pouring so you can get the best quality product.

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