Find Reliable Chicago Construction Supplies

When searching for construction materials in Chicago, it’s important that contractors know where they can get the most reliable Chicago construction supplies. They’ll need supplies that are high-quality and consistently dependable. Luckily, we know where you can find those!

Voted best by contractors

What better way for contractors to guarantee they’re getting the best materials than by getting them from the company contractors trust the most? Elston Materials was voted the top Chicago masonry and construction supplies company by contractors. And they know what they’re talking about!

Chicago built and owned

As a local Chicago company, we understand what it’s like to be a contractor in the Chicago area. We’re in a unique position to be able to help you because we know the city and surrounding suburbs. We also source many of our materials–including our sustainable concrete blocks–from nearby sources, which means we’re eco friendly and support other local businesses.

Years of experience

We also have years of experience, which means we’ve spent years making sure we only provide contractors with the best materials. You know what your client’s looking for and we know which supplies are best for that project. Bringing the best supplies to our contractors is what we’re all about.

Perfected concrete

mixing concrete on-site benefits

You want dependable, strong concrete, of course! And we’ve perfected it. Our concrete is always strong, always high quality, and always durable. By using volumetric mixers, we’re able to guarantee a concrete pour that will not only provide stronger concrete, but will be cheaper as well.

The tools you need from start to finish

Why go to several different businesses when you could get everything you need at one place? Get all your reliable Chicago construction supplies right here at Elston Materials. From tools to concrete to sustainable LEED block, we have everything you’ll need. Feel free to browse our products and call us at 773-235-3100 if you’re looking for something you don’t see listed.

The company you can trust for reliable Chicago construction supplies

We make it easy for you at Elston Materials. Get the most reliable materials at great prices, while supporting a local business. For us, it’s simple: provide consistency and reliability with everything we do–and the contractors who use us for each of their projects can attest to that.

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