Get the Best Chicago Masonry Supplies

When you need masonry supplies, you want the best. Get the best Chicago masonry supplies at Elston Materials, Chicago’s #1 masonry and construction supply company. Find out why we’re the contractor’s choice for masonry supplies and building materials!

Wide range of products

Here at Elston, our masonry supplies are just the beginning. We have a wide range of construction and masonry supply products so we can be a one stop shop for Chicagoans searching for these products. From cement blocks to mortar to diamond blades and more, we have you covered! You can view all of our products here.

Innovative supplies and methods

We always strive to be at the forefront of new developments in the construction and masonry supply industry. This means searching for and offering the latest and most innovative methods–such as our volumetric mixers. These mixers have the ability to mix concrete on-site so it’s stronger and higher quality. You can learn more about the benefits of mixing concrete on-site here.

We also work hard to provide the best masonry supplies in Chicago. We offer sustainable LEED certified block to provide customers with a greener option. Our blocks are made of 43% recycled content and manufactured locally. By using these blocks, you can create a more sustainable build.

Dedication to our community

We’re a small business working hard each day to bring the best masonry supplies to Chicago. We go above and beyond for our customers and it shows. By consistently providing the best products, we’ve developed a strong bond with our community. Contractors trust us to provide them with what they need and we deliver. That’s why we’re Chicago contractors’ favorite and the #1 source for masonry and construction supplies in Chicago.

Looking for Chicago masonry supplies?

Come to Elston Materials. Once you’ve browsed our products, you can place your order by calling 773-235-3100. Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions too. We’re happy to help! You can follow us on Facebook to learn more about Elston and the products we carry.

Cassie Vu

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