Why Shop Local Chicago Construction Companies?

This year, we’ve seen a big push to shop local. And we couldn’t agree more. But while the focus of this push is often on artisan wares, it applies to the construction industry as well, especially the concrete and masonry supply side. Learn why it’s important to shop local Chicago construction companies.

Support community businesses

Local construction companies have a presence within the community. We’ve grown from our community and take pride in being a part of it. Shopping local allows you to invest in this community as well and leads to a healthier local economy. Plus, since we genuinely care about the community, that also means we genuinely care about you and your project’s success.

Experience & know-how

We’ve been around the block a few times and have plenty of expertise related to concrete and masonry supplies. When you shop local with us, you have access to all of our knowledge–and we love answering your questions! And with something as important as building supplies when mistakes can be expensive, having all the answers is essential.


Instead of dealing with environmentally-unfriendly shipping methods, you can pick up your supplies in person when you shop at local Chicago businesses. At Elston Materials, we take sustainability very seriously and use only LEED Certified sustainable blocks. They’re made of 43% recycled materials and manufactured locally. We aim to provide contractors and architects with high quality, sustainable brick and construction supplies. Your buildings will be more environmentally friendly thanks to our blocks.

Do you shop local Chicago construction companies?

If you’re a Chicagoan and you’re looking for concrete and masonry supplies, Elston Materials has you covered! You can browse all of our products here and learn all we have to offer our community of builders. We’re ranked Chicago’s #1 source for masonry supplies for a reason!

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Cassie Vu