Why You Should Mix Concrete On-Site

A Volumetric Mixer allows you to mix concrete on-site instead of bringing pre-mixed concrete to a project. Mixing concrete on-site has several advantages, and we’ll cover a few of them.

It keeps your concrete fresh

When you mix concrete on-site, the concrete mix stays fresh. Because you don’t have to transport already mixed concrete, when you pour concrete that you mixed on site, you’re using concrete that hasn’t already set. This means that you’ll always have the perfect water-to-concrete ratio when you mix on-site.

The concrete is stronger

To build off the first point, when concrete maintains the proper water-to-concrete ratio, it is stronger. Concrete mixed off-site has been sitting in the truck during the drive to the job site. Most times, when it gets to the site and is ready to be poured, water needs to be added to the mix. This added water disrupts the ratio and weakens the concrete.

But when you mix concrete on-site, you’ll never have to worry about adding more water to the concrete. Pouring the concrete without this additional water keeps the mix stronger, helps it bond better, and creates a longer lasting concrete.

Perfect for small projects

Larger drum trucks carry specific amounts of concrete. But if you’re working on a smaller project, volumetric mixers are perfect. They can mix exactly the amount of concrete you need, so you don’t have to spend more money on concrete you won’t end up using anyway.

When you mix concrete on-site, there are several advantages. In addition to these, it is also more environmentally friendly and will save you money. We have several volumetric mixers at Elston Materials for all your concrete-mixing needs. For more information, please contact us!

Cassie Vu

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