Why You Should Use Rebar in Concrete Construction

Concrete is an extremely versatile construction material. Historically, it is proven to last longer than many other materials thanks to its strength. But concrete can become even stronger when rebar is used with it.

What is rebar?

Rebar is the name for a reinforcing bar that strengthens concrete. Rebar is made from stele and has ridges so the poured concrete can more easily adhere to it. Stainless steel rebar is also rust resistant.

Why use rebar?

Concrete is an incredibly strong material. When compressed, it holds weight very well. But while its compression strength is high, concrete’s tension strength is low. Rebar can change this. Rebar absorbs the tension stress that concrete won’t. This helps prevent the concrete from cracking or breaking.

Because of the strength of the rebar and concrete combination, the concrete doesn’t have to be as thick. Rebar can add strength to concrete structures that otherwise could only be achieved through more concrete. By using less concrete, the structure overall will be lighter.

Adding rebar to a project is also environmentally friendly. Steel can be recycled after its use, and lessens the total waste of a project. Although concrete is already environmentally friendly, using less still has a positive impact on the environment, since it requires less processing to create less concrete.

Rebar is also cost effective. For structures that might be difficult to repair, rebar is a cost effective way to build. Because rebar can be formed to the shape of the concrete structure before the concrete is poured, the concrete can better hold its shape. Projects that use rebar also help you measure out how much concrete you need beforehand, so you can use ready-mix concrete and only pay for what you pour.

Rebar is a great addition to a concrete project since it saves money, makes the concrete stronger, uses less concrete, and is environmentally friendly. You can order your rebar and concrete through Elston Materials, Chicago’s #1 source for masonry construction supplies.

Cassie Vu