Concrete is Fireproof: Fact or Myth?

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of using concrete, and we know that it is a strong building material. But the question of whether or not concrete is fireproof is an interesting one.

How can concrete be fireproof?

Concrete is fireproof for several reasons. It does not burn like wood or another organic material would, which means that when there is a fire, it will move much more slowly through a concrete structure than it would through a wooden structure.

The concrete walls are also stronger in the face of flames. They prevent the flames from passing through from one side of the wall to the other better than other materials.

Of course, just because your home is made of concrete doesn’t guarantee that it is fireproof. There are other aspects of your home that might not be fireproof, such as furniture, any wooden fixtures, and more.

Concrete doesn’t burn like wood or melt like steel; it stays strong until it is exposed to flames far hotter than the average house fire.

Is concrete tested for being fireproof?

All concrete and masonry products have to be tested before they can be declared fireproof or fire resistant. Over decades, these tests have proven that concrete is the most fire-resistant building material.

Because the ingredients in concrete are chemically inert, they are nearly incombustible. The natural chemical composition of concrete is its greatest asset to becoming fireproof. The natural slow transfer of heat through concrete also means that it is more protected again fires (another fire-unrelated bonus of this is that your home will stay more insulated with heat and air conditioning, since it will lose less heat or a/c to the outside).

By building your home with concrete walls instead of wooden, you can help prevent the quick spread of fire throughout rooms and help keep your home safer from flames.

Looking for concrete?

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Cassie Vu

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