Why Sustainable LEED Block Matters

At Elston Materials, LLC, we pride ourselves on using sustainable LEED certified blocks. LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design,” and certification is awarded to companies committed to environmentally-friendly builds.

Why use sustainable LEED blocks?

We believe in contributing to an environmentally responsible build. By using LEED certified sustainable blocks, we can guarantee this. Dedication to preserving the environment is very important to our company mission, and we lead by example.

Hopefully, other companies will see our method and follow suit in providing contractors and architects with high quality, sustainable brick and construction supplies.

LEED certified blocks save money and resources as well as promote clean, renewable energy.

Using LEED certified construction materials is especially important if you want the building itself to become LEED certified. By using sustainable building materials, you create an environmentally friendly foundation for your project.


What makes ours unique?

Our blocks are made of 43% recycled content, and are locally manufactured and harvested. While other companies use LEED certified blocks, ours is one of very few that can guarantee such a high percentage of recycled material.

Elston also provides many design options for concrete blocks, which gives customers a unique level of diversity that is almost impossible to find elsewhere. This combined with is sustainability makes Elston’s sustainable LEED blocks a product unmatched by any other company.


When purchasing construction materials, it is just as important to understand where the supplies are coming from as it is to make sure they are high quality. Elston Materials can provide responsible, sustainable, and high quality materials for your construction project.

Cassie Vu