Elston Materials named in Top 10 Ready-Mix Concrete Companies in Chicago

Last month, Elston Materials was featured in Chicago Construction News as one of the Top 10 Ready-Mix Concrete Companies in Chicago. We’re so honored to have been included in this list!

What makes Elston one of the top ready-mix concrete companies in Chicago?

Chicago Construction News chose Elston as one of the top ready-mix concrete companies in Chicago for many reasons. But here’s a few of the main ones:

  • Flexibility
    • Elston Materials has the unique ability to change the concrete mix designs on the spot if the project requires it. Also, because our trucks can carry up to nine yards of concrete, we can make additional concrete if you need it.
  • Speedy service
    • For most projects, we can deliver concrete on the same day the order is placed. We can also quickly make more concrete if needed, since it is mixed on site.
  • Top equipment
    • Our concrete trucks are essentially “traveling plants.” Because of this, they can be refilled on the job site, which saves time and is environmentally friendly. The trucks also act as concrete chutes and can reach up to 18 feet. We also take pride in keeping our trucks clean and professional.
  • Environmentally friendly
    • The ready-mix process is more environmentally friendly than traditional concrete mixing. It prevents waste, but also helps keep the air clean. Typically, you’d have to order five or six trucks to a job site to do a job we can do with one truck. This means there’s less travel, fuel, and ignition involved and, as a result, less harmful chemicals released into the air.

Here’s what Chicago Construction News has to say about us!

“Excellence in their processes is one of the team’s core values, as well as remaining customer-friendly and customer-oriented.”

“Because their fresh concrete is mixed on site, customers only pay for what they use.”

Read the full article here

Why small projects love us

Because of our ready-mix concrete, we have the ability to pour fresh concrete on site. This means we’re able to make multiple stops and still deliver fresh concrete. And, like we mentioned earlier, we can make additional concrete on-site, so contractors don’t have to have the exact project measurements before ordering.

Do you need ready-mix concrete?

We can help you! Contact us for more information regarding pricing, or use the concrete calculator on our home page to get an estimate. You can learn more about why ready-mix concrete is so helpful here.

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