Should You Use Ready-Mix Concrete?

You’re beginning a new construction project and need to pour concrete. Should you use ready-mix concrete? We break down some of the ways you can tell if ready-mix is right for your next project.

What is ready-mix concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is concrete that’s manufactured as a batch. The engineered mix used to create ready-mix concrete leads to a more consistent product. And because of this, ready-mix concrete is also more durable than traditional concrete.

When should you use ready-mix concrete?

There are two main situations you should absolutely use ready-mix concrete for your project.

Small Jobs

If you’re pouring a small job, you don’t want to waste any concrete. With traditional concrete, you have to buy in bulk. This means that if you don’t use all the concrete you ordered, you’ve wasted money and materials. Ready-mix eliminates this waste, which is helpful to both your budget and the environment.


One of the main advantages of ready-mix concrete is its consistency. Because it’s made in batches and mixed on-site, ready-mix uses a more reliable formula and is made with newer equipment, such as volumetric mixers. This means the concrete’s consistency will be more reliable. Ready-mix also results in a stronger concrete, since it only has to be mixed with water once, instead of twice with traditional concrete.

You can learn more about the advantages of ready-mix concrete here.

Do you need ready-mix concrete?

Get yours from Elston Materials! We’re one of the top 10 ready-mix companies in Chicago, so you know you can trust our concrete. You can contact us at 773-235-3100 to learn more, and view the rest of our products here.

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