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Find construction supplies to get the job done properly. Mortar like Maxi-Mix is the crucial foundation to your work. (Plus, Maxi-Mix will make your life as a contractor or builder easier.) Plan to cut precisely and efficiently with diamond blades. Choose the right rebar. And stock up on everything else — from edgers to trowels to levels — that you might need to get the job done.

Make sustainable choices

Your materials matter as much as your technique and experience. While your skills will get the job done, it’s the construction supplies and masonry materials you select that make it last. And that’s no matter the weather.

The future must be sustainable. Plastics and cheaply sourced materials, not recycled, do not bode well for our resources in coming decades. While many of the extant materials of buildings of the early- and mid-twentieth century were constructed with such materials (and even hazardous materials), we need to break the cycle in order to move forward.

LEED certification and LEED-certified materials add green “credits” to a project, and can satisfy a client. Choose a supplier whose practices and sources are transparent.

popular ways to use concrete

Locate the certified construction supplies retailers

We belong to the Masonry Advisory Council. Here’s why that’s important:

The Masonry Advisory Council provides free and useful resources to help local contractors, builders, masons, and others of the industry in their respective communities. MAC in Illinois and NW Indiana, per their website, “promotes and markets the benefits of masonry construction, materials, and technologies through educational and informational programs.” We at Elston Materials are proud to be an active supplier to Chicago and a member of MAC.

Elston Materials suggests that all builders, masons, and construction folks work closely with their suppliers and clients. You’re probably already familiar with your client’s needs. But what do you know about your supplies? Does your supplier understand your needs? We want to get to know your process. We want to get to know you and your work! You can learn more about our team here.

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