Tips for Using Concrete Block

Concrete block is one of the most important building units in today’s world. When you’re constructing a project using these blocks, it’s important to know all the tips and tricks. We know high-quality blocks are essential to use, but what else should you be doing? We have 4 tips for using concrete block that will make your project even better!

Use sustainable block

One tip we like to tell people when they begin concrete block construction is to use sustainable block. While there are many options for high quality blocks, there aren’t many that are also sustainable.

Sustainable blocks are important since they save energy in their production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, leading to less pollution. When you use these blocks, over time your building will offset the emission of construction.

Elston Materials sells certified sustainable LEED concrete blocks so you can do your part in contributing to greener builds. Our blocks are made with 43% recycled material and are locally manufactured and harvested.

Use quality mortar

Of course, it’s important to make sure you’re using high quality blocks. But it’s equally important to use high quality mortar! Since the mortar holds the blocks together, you need to make sure yours is strong. Always research the types of mortar you should use before building as well, since some are better for certain projects than others.

Use rebar

If you’re building a large structure, you’ll need more than just concrete and mortar. Using rebar helps to keep your building sturdy and provides additional support. While the cement blocks can carry plenty of weight, it’s never a bad thing to have support structures in place. And as always, we recommend using high quality rebar so you can rest assured knowing you have the strongest support available.

Measure carefully

One of our most important concrete block tips is to measure carefully. Always measure before you get your materials, and measure again before you begin building. Not only does this help prevent waste, but it also helps prevent you from overspending on materials you don’t need!

Do you have any tips for using concrete block?

Share them with us on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages! Wherever your construction projects take you, Elston Materials has the products to make your build successful. We offer several different types of concrete block, high quality mortar and rebar, and are on-hand to assist with any questions you might have.

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