The Advantages of Using Volumetric Concrete Mixers

As a family owned and operated business, Elston Materials is dedicated to providing clients with the best masonry results. As part of our effort to deliver unparalleled service – at a reasonable cost – we depend on volumetric concrete mixers. The advantages are irrefutable.

Fresh Concrete Made On-site

What does it matter that your concrete is “fresh”? For starters, it’s dependable and promises maximum strength. From the moment you blend your materials, a chemical reaction between the water and the compounds takes place. Using a volumetric concrete mixer ensures the product cures on-site. This maximizes available finishing time. When mixed off-site, the aforementioned processes commence during transportation. Often, this requires additional water be added to your mixture.


Volumetric concrete mixers eliminate waste – just another perk of being produced on-site! The water and cement ratio is guaranteed to be exact. Furthermore, it’s environmentally friendly in that it consumes fewer fossil fuels.

Eliminates Cost

Rather than paying a pretty penny for shortages or overages, customers pay only what they get. Regardless of project size, volumetric concrete mixers can produce small and large quantities on demand. At the end of the day, clients pay only for what is used.

Overall Control

What each benefit of volumetric concrete mixers adds up to is total control. Mix designs can be changed on-site without delay in project, quality and quantity are maintained, and workability is safeguarded.

What more could you ask for?

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