How is Split Face Block Made?

Split face block is one of the more interesting building materials. It has many advantages and is often use for building exteriors, especially in cities. But how is it made? And how does that affect its quality? We’ve answered all your questions about it.

Step one: Combine two or more blocks

Split Face block is made first by manufacturing two or more blocks as one larger unit. This creates a large enough surface area for step two of the process. After you combine the blocks, you have to give them enough time to cure before moving on. This gives the blocks stability and strength.

Step two: Split the blocks to expose aggregates

While it might seem counterproductive to split the blocks after you’ve combined them, you want to do this in order to expose the aggregates inside. The large block gets put through a machine, which splits it open into two or more segments, exposing the aggregate. The aggregate amount on each block varies, as does the color.

One of our many split face block types

Step three: Seal regularly

Because the split face block is made to have exposed aggregates, it is more porous than other building materials. Because of this, it can be more susceptible to water leaking through the stone. This means it needs to be sealed regularly, at least every 3 or so years. By sealing the it, you can prevent water damage and enjoy its benefits.

Step four: Enjoy the benefits

While split face block is more porous than some other types of building material, it also has some distinct advantages. This block enjoys higher fire resistance than other types, making them popular for homes and residential buildings. It also has a lower termite risk, which will keep the structure of your building more secure over the years. Split face block also looks beautiful as an exterior finish, which can increase the property value.

Can you make split face block on your own?

No, you need to make this in a professional, factory setting. We recommend going to a local construction and masonry supply store in order to get yours. At Elston Materials, we carry this block, as well as other concrete blocks and masonry materials. You can visit our website to see our products here, and call to order here.

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