Get Your Summer Patio Ready: Our Tips

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes patio season! When you’re hosting the barbecue or outdoor get-together, you’ll want your patio to impress your guests. Here are our tips for getting your patio summer ready.

Washing and Sealing

At the start of the season, you should make sure your patio is clean and re-seal it. Sealing your patio helps keep moisture from seeping in between or underneath the stones and causing shifting. It also helps protect your stones from any stains due to spilled food or drink. Sealing also helps prevent dirt and other materials from damaging the stones themselves. This is also why it’s important to wash your patio before sealing–you don’t want to trap that dirt against the stone!

Replacing stone

Is your patio stone starting to show wear from the seasons? It might be time to get new stone. We recommend using stone, brick, or concrete for your patio, depending on the look you’re going for. Since all can be sealed for protection, it really comes down to a personal style choice. Whatever will give your summer patio the flare it needs!

Add new features

When you’re thinking of your patio as a summer oasis where your friends and family will want to spend their time, you’ll need to add a few extra features. A nice stone fireplace is one of our favorite features, and it will look beautiful whether you use it to entertain or roast marshmallows. If you’re a dedicated grill master, a built in stone grill is also a great choice to show off your grilling expertise.

What does your summer patio need?

Whatever improvements or repairs you’re looking to make to your patio this summer, Elston Materials has what you need. From stone to sealer and more, we have the materials to make your summer patio season the best one yet! Contact us to order.

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