How to Prevent Concrete Cracking

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As the weather changes and concrete expands and contracts, it can begin to crack. Obviously you don’t want to deal with the stress and expense of fixing these concrete cracks. Take these four steps when you pour concrete in order to prevent concrete cracking.

Use a volumetric mixer

The concrete produced in a volumetric mixer is stronger and more durable than concrete mixed off-site. You can learn more about our volumetric mixers here. One of the most common reasons concrete cracks is because of extra water in the concrete mix.

When you mix concrete off site, you have to re-mix it before pouring, which requires adding extra water. Because volumetric mixers only mix the concrete once–right before it’s poured–you don’t have to add any extra water. Using these mixers is essential if you want to prevent concrete cracking.

Add support structure

When you pour concrete over a large space, add support structures such as rebar to keep it in place. These help keep the concrete from shifting and keep your concrete slabs in place. By preventing shifting, you can also prevent cracking.

Compact the ground

Make sure the ground you pour concrete over is compacted before you begin your concrete pour. If it isn’t compact, the ground underneath your concrete could shift. Without a firm foundation for your concrete, the concrete will settle unevenly and start to crack due to the stress of being uneven.

Cure the concrete properly

One of the most important ways to prevent concrete cracking is to make sure it cures properly. This will make the concrete stronger overall! It’s important to control the moisture content and temperature of your concrete as it dries in order to increase the quality and strength of the concrete. Stronger concrete will be able to resist cracking longer, so don’t skip curing it properly!

Get quality materials to prevent concrete cracking at Elston Materials

Thanks to our volumetric mixers, we can offer superior concrete. We also carry rebar and other concrete supports in order to prevent concrete cracking. Visit our website for more information and contact us with any questions. You can also follow us on Facebook for more concrete and masonry tips and information.

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