Tools at a Glance: Reinforcing Wire

Reinforcing Wire is a crucial element of many construction projects. Learn more about this tool and and why it’s so important. Should you use this reinforcing wire for your next project? Is it necessary? We have the answers to all your questions!

What is reinforcing wire?

Reinforcing wire is steel, usually in the form of rods, bars, or mesh, that can be used to improve the strength of concrete. When you’re pouring concrete, you can use this wire to create a grid inside the pour area. This way, once the concrete is poured and hardens, the wire is inside, reinforcing the concrete’s strength.

How does it help concrete?

Concrete is an incredibly strong construction material. However, it also has some critical weaknesses. Because concrete doesn’t react well to tensile and shear stresses (things like earthquakes or strong vibrations). This can cause the concrete to crack or split, which is obviously a problem and could lead to costly repairs. What this wire does is take on these stresses, and since it can handle much higher stresses, the concrete remains strong and damage-free.

When should you use it?

If you’re using large areas of concrete, especially vertically, we recommend using this wire for reinforcement. The larger a piece of concrete is, the more likely it is to start cracking over time. Since this wire can help prevent these cracks, we recommend using it as a precautionary measure. It’s also important to use this if you’re planning to use your concrete for structural foundations, since it will be much stronger with the added reinforcement.

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Cassie Vu