Split Face vs Concrete Block: What is the Difference?

Split face vs concrete block: what’s the difference? Which one should you use for your next project? And while both types of block are made from concrete, they have some big differences. Here’s what you need to know regarding these two types of block and how you can determine what you need.

What is concrete block?

type of standard concrete block. learn to lay concrete block

Concrete blocks are building blocks made out of concrete and designed to have a smooth face. These blocks are often placed behind the bricks and used for support. Because of this, concrete block is a key element of building strong walls. These blocks come in many different forms, including solid, hollow, and several different sizes. Their versatility is a major advantage of concrete blocks.

What is split face block?

Split face block, however, has a rough appearance. It’s designed not to be smooth. This block is made by combining two or more blocks into one larger unit, and then splitting them in half. This exposes the aggregates, which are varied in color or texture. And while they’re varied, they all have the trademark textured look of split face that’s so in-demand.

What’s the cost difference?

Smooth concrete block is cheaper than split face block. Because of this, your overall installation will be smoother with concrete block. However, if you’re looking for that unique aesthetic of split face block, it is worth budgeting the extra few dollars per block to get that textured look.

Where to get yours

Whether you decide to use split face vs concrete block, Elston Materials can assist you. We carry both types of block and ours are always high-quality and durable. You can view our cement blocks here and our split face blocks here. By offering plenty of variety in our blocks, we can guarantee we’ll have exactly what you need.

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Cassie Vu