5 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Driveway for Winter

It’s crucial to prepare your driveway for winter! When the cold and snow hit, you want to be prepared–or you’ll end up with potentially costly damage. Don’t spend all spring wishing you had been better prepared for winter. Instead, follow these essential tips to keep your driveway looking brand new, even after a harsh winter!

Check for cracks

Before the first big snowfall, you want to check for any cracks in your driveway. If melting snow gets in these cracks and then refreezes, it expands, which will only create larger cracks and more driveway damage. If you do find any cracks in your driveway, repair them asap! Here’s how you can repair cracked concrete.

Check drainage

When you prepare your driveway for winter, check that it’s draining properly. You don’t want to have pockets in your driveway where water could pool. And from a safety perspective, you don’t want patches of melted snow becoming ice spots once the water refreezes.

Seal your driveway

Sealing your driveway is an important step in preparing for winter. The sealant will prevent water from finding any new routes underneath your driveway, keeping it stable and damage-free. We offer everything you need to properly seal your driveway, so we can be your one-stop-shop for supplies.

Use chemical-free de-icing

Many of the products people use to de-ice their driveways have chemicals in them that could erode concrete over time. Typically you won’t notice the damage until it’s too late. Avoid these problems and use de-icing alternatives instead! Here are a few ways you can keep your driveway free from ice.

Keep your driveway clear

One great way to prepare your driveway for winter–and one that does need constant upkeep–is to keep your driveway clear. After a heavy snow, shovel your driveway so it stays clear and snow can’t sit. The longer snow or ice sits on your driveway, the better chance it has of causing damage.

How do you prepare your driveway for winter?

Use these tips and make sure you prepare your driveway for winter! After a stressful year, the last thing you need is a damaged driveway that needs repair. In case you do need to do some driveway touch-ups, you can find all you need at Elston Materials.

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Cassie Vu