Top 4 Reasons You Should Use Stone Veneer

Should you use stone veneer for your project? With so many options in the world of veneer stone, it can be difficult to decide whether or not you should use it. These 4 reasons to use stone veneer should help you decide if this is right for you.


Since stone veneers are lighter than traditional stone products, you can use them in places that wouldn’t be able to support traditional stone. For example, you can use stone veneer to cover the entirety of your home’s exterior. You can use it inside as well! Add an accent wall or stone fireplace to your home to give it an extra splash of design.


Stone veneer is one of the most durable building materials. It is more fire-resistant than than wood or vinyl siding and requires less maintenance as well. In terms of homes, brick veneer is another popular siding option, but stone is also more resistant to moisture damage than brick is.


One of the largest advantages to using stone veneer is its predictable quality. There are two main sources of veneer stone: manufactured stone and natural stone. The manufactured stone is engineered stone that looks natural. Natural stone veneer is made from real stones sliced thin. Whichever version you use, the pieces are selected to give you beautiful, high quality veneers.


If your project has a tight budget but you still want to add stone, stone veneer is the way to go. The veneers are more affordable than full blocks of natural stone, which makes them perfect for adding the stone look to a project without going over budget.

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