The Latest in Chicago Construction Trends

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The latest Chicago construction trends are taking the city by storm. And not just Chicago: these trends are extremely popular across the United States. While many trends fade in and out over the years, these have staying power! So if you’re involved in construction, you’ll want to pay attention to these trends.

Sustainable construction

More and more, we’re seeing a focus on sustainability. The desire to build with the environment in mind has been an important aspect of many recent constructions, and we expect this trend to continue to skyrocket. With sustainability becoming more important in daily life, we can only expect it will be crucial to the buildings we spend our time in.

At Elston Materials, we offer sustainable LEED block so you can add sustainable construction to your home checklist. You can read more about how important sustainable LEED block is here.

Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces have become hugely popular lately in construction. With this trend, homeowners and renters are putting more care into what their outdoor spaces look like. They’re seeking the zen of their own property! Use concrete blocks and lots of greenery to create unique spaces, or create a beautiful patio with concrete or bricks and mortar!

Renovating, not selling

You can credit HGTV and their many renovation shows for this construction trend! Homeowners are becoming more focused on renovating their current homes instead of selling and moving somewhere else. This has also led to residents staying in their own homes for a longer time, which creates a desire for high quality construction. If you’re in the middle of a renovation project, make sure the materials you’re using are high-quality, durable, and will last for many years.

Need construction materials?

Elston Materials has what you need so you don’t get left behind in the trends! You can call 773-235-3100 to order the materials for your next project. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more about Elston and the latest construction trends.

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