There is Mortar the Story: Types of Mortar and Info

While on the surface, mortar seems pretty cut & dry, it turns out there’s mortar–more to, get it?–the story than that! The different types of mortar can actually have a significant impact on your project and how it turns out. Keep reading to find out which one is best for you.

First: what is mortar?

Mortar is a combination of sand and cement that can be used when building walls, most notably brick, stone, or concrete block walls. If you want to get fancy, you can use mortar for decorative purposes as well, by using a bold color or pattern in your construction. And, if you have cracks or gaps in your wall, you can use mortar to fill in that space. Truly, it is one of the most durable construction materials.

Types of mortar

There are 4 main types of mortar: M, S, O, and N. These different types have different strengths with make them beneficial for certain construction projects. Find out which type you should use for your next project.

Type M

driveway paving stones use types of mortar

Type M mortar is best used with stone. It is the strongest of the mortar types and because of this, it is often used in situations with a lot of pressure, such as driveways. Type M mortar is also very long-lasting, just like stone, which makes the two a great pair.

Type S

Are you building a patio? Using paving stones? If you are, type S is the mortar you’ll want to use. This medium-strength mortar is very similar to type N. However, due to its strength, it is best for outdoor use.

Type O

Now, Type O mortar is not the type you’ll want to use outside. Due to its low strength, this mortar finds its home inside. Use this for projects inside the house that don’t require load-bearing, but still require a strong seal.

Type N

This mortar is also medium strength, though it is slightly less strong than type S. If you’re working on a home, you’ll want to use Type N! It’s perfect for residential construction and is overall a great mix for general construction. Type N is great at withstanding extreme temperatures and weather. When in doubt, this is a good mix to use.

Looking to get the perfect types of mortar?

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