All About Concrete Stamps and Textures

Concrete stamps and textures can help you add extra to your concrete pour. These stamps and textures allow you to add patterns or detail to your concrete driveway, walkways and more!

What are concrete stamps and textures?

Concrete stamps usually come in the form of mats that you can use to stamp a pattern into an area of concrete. This adds a texture to the concrete that wasn’t there before. These patterns are most commonly used on driveways, patios, and walkways. They can make concrete look like brick, stone, or another design. When done right, the concrete will look less like concrete and more like brick or stone, adding an elevated look of elegance to the concrete.

How do I use these?

There are several important steps to stamping concrete, and it’s important to get these right in order for the concrete to look good in the end. After you’ve poured your concrete, you’ll want to begin with the prep. Always prepare the concrete before you start stamping, and be aware of the post-stamping process. You don’t have a lot of time to finish the steps before the concrete starts to harden. Here’s how the stamping itself happens:

  • First, always plan out the concrete design ahead of time. This will ensure that when you are under a time crunch to get the concrete stamped, you’ll be organized and ready to go.
  • Test the concrete
    • You want the concrete to be firm enough to hold the stamp without it sinking. To test, put the stamp on the concrete and step on it. If the concrete holds your weight without the stamp sinking or moving, it is ready to be stamped.
  • Start with the perimeter
    • When you begin stamping, start with the perimeter. Usually, the stamps will not reach the very edges. Because of this, if you don’t do the edges separately, they won’t hold the stamp fully. This means they won’t match the rest of the concrete.
  • Begin the stamping process
    • Once you’ve stamped the edges, you can start stamping the rest of the concrete slab. Start stamping in the same area that you started pouring the concrete, and work in rows to the other end of the slab. Always lay out the pattern in the order recommended by the manufacturer. Continue stamping, making sure the stamps are even and in a straight line, until the slab is finished.

Where can I find some concrete stamps?

At Elston Materials, we have plenty of concrete stamps and texture tools in stock on our store! We also have many supplies for pouring concrete, including volumetric mixers so you can order as much or as little concrete as you need.

You can contact us for all of your concrete and masonry construction needs, and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.

Cassie Vu