How to Lay Concrete Block

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Concrete block is one of the most useful construction materials. But it is important to learn how to lay concrete block properly. Not properly laying the block could lead to structural weaknesses and therefore the block not being as strong. Learn the best way to lay concrete block so your construction is strong and dependable.

Gather materials

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Before you start your project, make sure you have all of the materials you’ll need. In order to lay concrete block, you’ll need:

  • Mortar
  • Trowel
  • Level
  • Concrete blocks

At Elston Materials, we sell several kinds of concrete blocks so you can get the types that work best for you. Typically, you’d have to spend time cutting standard size blocks in order to make sure they fit your space, but at Elston we have blocks of all sizes and shapes so you can eliminate this step.

Spread the mortar

Once you have gathered and prepped all your materials, the first step is to spread the mortar along the footing. We recommend spreading about 3 blocks’ worth at a time. Make sure the mortar is about 1″ thick.

Lay concrete block

Once the mortar is in place, you can begin laying your concrete block. Always start with the corner block first. Once the block is in place, use your level and adjust as needed.

Adding more blocks

In between each block, you’ll need to add mortar. Apply about 3/8″ of mortar to the short side of the next block. Push the block into place, making sure it is pressed tightly against the first concrete block. After you place each block, check with the level to make sure they’re even. Repeat these steps until your concrete block project is complete.

Building up

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Sometimes, you’ll need to build up on top of the concrete blocks. When you do this, treat the bottom layer of blocks as the footing and apply mortar directly on top. Repeat the steps above. The main difference is that you’ll need reinforcing wire if you’re building a tall structure. This reinforcement will help keep the concrete blocks stable.

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