Mixing Mortar: Tips and Tricks

Mixing mortar is an art and we’re here with your guide. These tips and tricks will help ensure your concrete mortar is strong enough for whatever your next project is. Read on to learn more about mortar and how to mix the best.

What is mortar?

Mortar is a mixture of sand and cements. Usually, people use mortar to build walls, whether they’re building with bricks, concrete blocks, or stone. The mortar goes in between each individual block and acts as a glue to hold them together. So it’s incredibly important to make sure you’re mixing mortar to make it strong. The last thing you want is to compromise the integrity of your wall because the mortar isn’t strong.

Mixing mortar: how to

So you’re looking to mix your own mortar. Well, we’ve got some tips to make sure it’s as strong as can be! These instructions are for basic mortar–of course, they may vary depending on the type of mortar you’re looking to make.

If you’re mixing mortar, we always recommend reading all the instructions before you begin, that way you can have all your materials prepped. Most importantly, of course, you need to measure properly. If you’re not using a ready-mix mortar, combine 1 part cement to 3 parts sand to form your dry ingredient mixture. Then, add 1 part water to every 3 or 4 part dry mix and combine thoroughly. This can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on how much you’re making. You’ll know the mixture is complete when it’s smooth.

Once the mixture is combined, let it sit for about 10 minutes in order to let all the chemicals properly combine and activate within the mortar. Then, stir again for another 5 minutes. It’s very important that you don’t add any extra water, since this will weaken your mortar. Your mortar will be workable for maximum 2 hours.

Of course, pre-mixed mortar is also an option if you’d rather not do the mixing yourself. Regardless of how you want to mix your mortar, be sure you’re buying it from a reputable company.

Need mortar?

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