Should You Use Cultured Stone?

Cultured stone has many uses in modern construction. But should you use cultured stone? We cover the reasons why you might want it for your next project as well as the difference between cultured and natural stone.

Cultured stone vs natural stone

The main difference between cultured and natural stone is where they come from. While natural stone is real stone harvested from the earth, cultured stone is manufactured from cement. However, it’s shaped and colored to look like real stone. So no matter which stone you choose, it will look genuine!

Cultured stone benefits

One major benefit of cultured stone is the cost. It’s far less expensive to use cultured stone than natural stone, which means you can save money without sacrificing quality. It’s also a lot easier to install cultured stone than natural stone, which can also save you money. Many times people will have to hire a dedicated mason to install natural stone, but that isn’t necessary with cultured. By avoiding this, you’ll save money and installation time.

Another great benefit is its longevity. Even though it’s manufactured stone, cultured options will last as long (or longer!) than natural stone. They’re specifically made to be durable and beautiful, so you can relax and enjoy

Will you use cultured stone for your next project?

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Cassie Vu