Tools at a Glance: Diamond Blades

When starting construction, you’ll need a variety of different tools. It’s always best to go into your project with a list of everything you’ll need instead of realizing halfway through that you need a specific tool, causing delays. Stay away from delays and stay informed about the many uses of all the construction tools. This week we’re focusing on diamond blades.

Introducing diamond blades

Diamond blades are tools used to cut through tough materials. There are many different types and uses for these blades. Even though we use the term “cut” for these blades, what they actually do is use the diamonds to grind away the material. This unique method is what helps the blades cut–or rather, grind–through tough material such as stone.

Diamond blades can be used either wet or dry. Using them with water helps keep the blade cool and prevent overheating. This method is used for most jobs. However, small jobs sometimes use the blades dry for quicker work. When using them without water, it’s important to let the blade free spin every few cuts to help prevent overheating.

Using these blades

Diamond blades have many different uses. Inside the construction industry, they can be used for cutting:

  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Bricks
  • Coal balls
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Marble
  • Masonry products

They even have several uses outside of construction. Aside from construction, these tools can be used for cutting gemstones (such as diamonds), and by IT professionals as well.

Different types of blades

There are three types of diamond blades:

  • Circular diamond saw blades
    • These are the most popular type of blade and are the most common. Most of the diamond saws are circular saws. This is the most popular blade type we offer.
  • Diamond gang saw blade
    • The gang saw blade is mostly used for sawing stone blocks. During this process, several blades are used at the same time to saw through the stone. Instead of being circular, gang saw blades are long steel plates with small pieces of diamonds inlaid.
  • Diamond band saw blade
    • This is a flexible steel band that has pieces of diamonds fixed to one end of it.

Ask the experts

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