Concrete Finishing Tips

When it comes to concrete finishing, you can’t simply pour the concrete and let it dry. While that would be more than ideal, there’s proper steps to adhere by in order to achieve a solid concrete slab. At Elston Materials, we make it our mission to deliver you the highest quality material the Chicagoland has to offer. After that, we put the ball in your court to see that the project you’re working on is completed in the right way.

With that said, there are some helpful hints we’d love to share so that your concrete finishing goes smoothly.

Here are some tips for a perfect concrete slab

-Though it may seem obvious, make sure that the concrete is placed as close to the final destination as possible. That way you are eliminating as many potential problems as possible.

-After the concrete is poured, use a straightedge to “strikeoff” or “screed” the excess concrete. This allows the concrete to maintain proper grade as well as stay level as possible. Many professionals would say this is the most important step in the finishing process, as it keeps the integrity of the slab in tact.

-Bull Float

-If the screeding of the concrete is the major key to the process, the bull floating is a close second. Using a bull float smoothes the surface, flattening any more ridges or holes left behind. Once you’ve gone back and forth across the concrete surface 1-2 times, you can stop.

-Waiting Game

-After the float has been passed over a couple times, you now need to sit back and wait for the concrete to finish bleeding. What this means is that as the concrete settles, the “bleed water” will seep out. Wait until all of that water has completely bled out before continuing.

-Tidy the Corners and Edge Them

-Once the concrete has bled out, use an edging tool to level the corners and edges. Doing this helps prevent chipping, more durable edges, and also improves the overall appearance.
While concrete can be a great product to work with, it’s important to have firm grasp on how exactly to work with it. Poor planning can result in a bad finished project and a waste of time and money. Make sure you stick to these tips when working on your next project and make sure to call Elston Materials for all your construction material needs!

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