5 Ways to Handle Old Concrete

Unless the land of the project you’re working on have never been developed, you’ll more than likely have to remove old materials. A lot of the time that material is old concrete. Removing old concrete can be quite burdensome, especially when it can’t be salvaged. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some ideas to deal with old concrete.

Haul it

The most straightforward answer is to haul the old concrete and take it to a concrete recycling center or a landfill. If you happen to have a dump truck or vehicle big enough to handle the material, this may be your best bet. It allows you to get rid of the headache and leaves you with no worries.

Send to Materials Supply Companies

There are certain companies in the building materials industry that will repurpose the old concrete and use them for aggregates and other various materials. Check with a local company to see if they will help you dispose of your leftover materials.

Mobile Crushing

Mobile crushing may be the best plan of action, as it sets up the equipment onsite and turns that old concrete into materials you can actually use. Depending on the crushing company, they might either keep the material or you can keep it and try to resell it.

Send to Craigslist or Freecycle

It can difficult getting rid of old materials like concrete, and honestly, it might be a win just to have people pick it up for free. Posting the materials on websites like craigslist or freecycle is a potential way to get rid of the materials for you.

Send to Landscape Companies

If you find yourself running out of options and simply want to dispose of it and are willing to pay a fee, some landscape companies will take it from you. Look for companies that sell materials like topsoil, gravel, or similar types of materials.


If you believe in karma or simply feel like doing a good deed for the community, you can find a local nonprofit or community group that might have a use for the old concrete. This is a great way to help the local community and build a good reputation.

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