Concrete Finishing Tips

concrete finishing

When it comes to concrete finishing, you can’t simply pour the concrete and let it dry. While that would be more than ideal, there’s proper steps to adhere by in order to achieve a solid concrete slab. At Elston Materials, we make it our mission to deliver you the highest quality material the Chicagoland has to offer. After that, we put the ball in your court to see that the project you’re working on is completed in the right way. Continue reading

Incredible Concrete Buildings for Inspiration

lotus temple- incredible concrete buildings

With many uses, concrete is one of the most adaptable building materials possible. At Elston Materials, we love thinking about the potential of what can be done with our supplies. For those of you looking for inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 5 incredible concrete buildings. Each building shows just how variable a design can be, all depending on your vision. Continue reading