Winter Construction Pros and Cons

Winter is rapidly approaching and with it comes the question: do I start construction now or wait for spring? Whether or not you should start winter construction is a complicated question–and made more complicated based on location. It might not be a big deal to start construction in November if you’re in Miami, but Chicago winters are notorious for lots of cold and snow. We’ll tackle some of the biggest pros and cons of winter construction so you know if it’s right for you.


One of the biggest pros to starting construction in the colder months is that it can sometimes actually be drier than spring! You’re more likely to get sunny winter days where you can move along with progress, as opposed to the much more common rainy and cloudy spring days, which could significantly slow down construction. It’s also easier to work through snowfalls than rain, so your chances of staying on-track are much higher in the winter than the spring.

Perhaps the most important pro to winter construction is the prices. Because it is typically the off-season for construction, you’ll often be able to find materials for cheaper prices. With less demand, you can get great deals on what you need. Being able to save on materials could mean the difference between using a higher-end product or a budget-friendly option. In the winter, the more expensive option could be in your budget!

Another plus to winter being construction’s off season is less demand for contractors and permits. Because of this, you’ll likely be able to get work done in your desired time frame as well as get those permits approved with less of a waiting list. Less demand also means it’ll be more likely to stay on track with your estimated timeline.


Of course, the winter weather is a huge con. While you might get lucky and have a relatively mild winter, you could also end up with a winter full of heavy, wet snowfalls. Winter also means shorter days, which means less sunlight and fewer working hours each day. Instead of getting 8 hours of work in, you might only be able to get in 6, which could slow things down.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that as the temperature drops in the winter, the ground could freeze. You might need to take extra precautions to keep the ground from freezing on your construction site, which could be frustrating and add an extra cost to your budget.

And if you’re someone who celebrates the winter holidays, adding in demanding construction decisions to the rest of the holiday stress could make for a very frustrating holiday season.

Looking to start winter construction?

While winter construction certainly has its pros and cons, only you can decide if it’s right for your project. And no matter when you decide to start construction, Elston Materials has all the products you need for a successful project. Whether you’re building a home, a deck, or just re-paving your driveway, Elston has the supplies and materials to make your job a good one. And since all of our products are high-quality, you can be guaranteed you’re using the best.

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