Benefits of Using Concrete

With so many materials on the market today, it can be tough to decide which to use for your project. However, concrete has several benefits it’s impossible to deny. Consider why you should use concrete in your next project.

Concrete is durable

Historically, concrete has proven it is one of the strongest materials in existence. Because it is naturally fire resistant, concrete will survive where other materials will not. Concrete is also strong enough to withstand heavy winds, other forces of nature such as natural disasters, and takes longer to erode. Steel-reinforced concrete is even stronger, and is incredible durable under compression. When you build with concrete, you’ll be creating a building that could stand for centuries–like the Colosseum!

Concrete is good for the environment

Because concrete production is local, there isn’t as much shipping involved. This leads to a greener product, and its low impact on the environment is a huge benefit of using concrete. Concrete buildings also are naturally more energy-efficient than non-concrete. They don’t use as much energy when running the building, especially when heating or cooling (which is important in Chicago’s hot summers and freezing winters). Using less energy is highly beneficial to the environment.

Concrete is cost efficient

Along with the positive environmental impact, concrete’s energy-efficiency also keeps costs down. You don’t have to pay as much to heat or cool the building, and utility fees become lower.

The benefits of concrete mixed on site and ready-mix concrete also save costs too. When you only pay for the concrete you use, you save money. Why pay for product you don’t use? Concrete gives you the option to avoid that.

There are many benefits of concrete, and its versatility makes concrete perfect for almost any project. For a strong building that helps the environment and is cheaper to build, use concrete in your next project.

Cassie Vu

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