How Much Concrete Do You Really Need?

How much concrete should you buy? Well, we’ll make it easy for you: here’s a concrete calculator on our very own website.

Let’s get started

So you’ll need a few measurements. Do you know the specs of the project? Depending on whether you’re planning a slab, a footing, or another odd shape, your measuring needs will vary.

For standard-shaped slabs: you need length, width, and thickness. Add on an extra half-inch or so just in case.

For footings, you may also need to adjust for the fact that a step is not usually a simple step. There will be a slight separate incline from the height and depth. Take this measurement into account, as well.

popular ways to use concrete

Other possible factors

Chicago masonry is important. With large and tall buildings — whether in the city or in Chicago suburbs — there can be a lot at stake. You might also need to account for supporting walls, join thicknesses, and more. If this project is outside your scope, you should consider working with any number of certified local Chicago masons or builders to make sure everything is completed safely and accurately. Are pressure and force a part of your calculations? Should they be? What about environmental impact?

chicago masonry advisory council benefits of ready mix concrete

Many otherwise simple projects can seem daunting, but they don’t need to be.

How much concrete do you need, exactly?

We’ll help you work this out.

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Cassie Vu

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