Concrete of Pure Reason

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Great customer service is about more than intuition. As the #1 Chicago concrete supply house, and after decades of business, we know this very well. 

Chicago concrete supply for every need.

There are plenty of reasons you might need to purchase concrete. Concrete blocks, especially, have a ton of practical uses. Regardless of whether you’re working in masonry or construction, and even for your own residential use, you will likely need to track down some concrete blocks. Available to order or hot off the block, concrete is a smart way to build or make building simpler.


Chicago building materials by the Chicago construction supply experts.

Located in the center of the Near North Side of Chicago, Elston Materials is a manufacturer of normal, medium, light weight and split face concrete block. Since Elston Materials is conveniently located near downtown Chicago, quick material delivery or pickup are available in the Chicago land area.

Family owned and operated, we at Elston Materials pride ourselves on excellent customer service and manufacturing a high quality product. Our founder has worked in the masonry business for more than 45 years.

In conclusion, the canon of pure concrete:

  1. What can I know? We cannot know, through either block or brick, anything that can’t be a possible concrete-oriented project;
  2. What should I do? Construct that which will make you deserve happiness;
  3. What may I hope? We can hope to be happy as far as we have made ourselves deserving of it through our construction and masonry.
Cassie Vu