What's Your Damage? How to Plan for Repairs to Broken or Damaged Concrete

Let’s troubleshoot that broken or damaged concrete so we can get you moving on the concrete repair process.

How does concrete become damaged or broken?

Harsh weather, ice melt* to combat harsh weather, normal wear and tear, corroded steel rebar, natural disasters. Concrete — however durable — can also be vulnerable to weather, humans, and everything thrown its way. If you’re super interested, cement.org has a thorough breakdown of the potential causes of deterioration. In short? Just about anything and everything can crumble if it’s let to weather the weather solo.

*Gee, thanks, chloride ions.

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Cold weather concreting via Concrete Construction.

Let’s have a word about “maintenance”…

As with your iPhone, one little crack can turn even the most pristine product into a blown-out tragedy. Maybe not a real tragedy. But frankly, foundational fractures are no joke. Some forms of deterioration can affect other structural members of a building. Think rust, think crumbling, think about gutting the whole thing. Exterior concrete is simpler, sure. But attending to your property and your concrete work regularly can save you time and money in a big way, should anything ‘worse’ arise. In fact, it’s not just about what’s visible. A simple crack could run pretty deep — especially if it’s a rebar or infrastructure issue — and you really ought to have a professional take a look.

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How do we perform concrete repair and maintain the original look?

As you might have suspected, this definitely depends on the severity of the damage. Be safe out there, folks. If you have concrete with a decorative finish or custom slabs, it may be difficult to DIY your touch-ups. We would recommend that you contact the business that originally installed or provided the concrete materials used. Their products or services may or may not include limited warranties. But at the very least, they’ll be able to provide you with the most accurate information on fixing their products.

Can we help you find the right materials for your concrete repair job? Contact us today.

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