Masonry and Concrete: What is the Difference?

The phrase “masonry and concrete” gets thrown around a lot in construction. But what does that actually mean? And what are the differences between the two? We’ll break it down so you can have an easy guide.

What are masonry and concrete?

Masonry is the practice of building something with stone or brick. When you use this type of construction, you can end up with extremely strong structures and buildings. Plus, there are many types of masonry products, from bricks to natural stone to concrete block, and more!

Concrete is a building material typically produced by combining three elements. First, you combine an aggregate, which is usually a type of rubble, with cement. When you combine this mixture with water, you get the “liquid stone” known as concrete. This mixture’s strength relies heavily on combining all three elements in the correct proportions. If you add too much water, you can weaken the mixture. This is part of why we recommend using volumetric mixers if you’ll be pouring concrete.

What are the main differences?

The main difference is that masonry is the name of a building practice using other materials, while concrete is a type of building material. But while the two are very different, they often go hand in hand.

How are they similar?

Both masonry and concrete are used to build structures and buildings. You can use blocks or brick with mortar to build strong walls and buildings. And if you want to pour a structure using concrete, you can do that, too–just add rebar for reinforcement. Both concrete and masonry are incredibly popular methods and materials for construction, and it just depends which (or both!) is right for your project.

Need masonry and concrete?

We have everything you need for your next project. At Elston Materials, we carry the best concrete and masonry materials to guarantee your project is high quality and built with strong materials. Our concrete is mixed in volumetric mixers, which keeps it stronger and saves you money. We also offer LEED certified concrete block which can help you create a more sustainable build. Contact us for more information or to order.

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Cassie Vu