Some Constructive Thoughts on Why Your Materials Matter

Now more than ever, we consider the far-reaching effects of our choices and the items we use. This isn’t limited to masonry and construction, either. Your average homeowner just a decade or two ago might not have been able to tell you what materials their home was built with. But times are changing. The construction materials we choose — and where we get them — matter. Not only to contractors and builders, but to all of us. Whether you own or rent your property, chances are you’re invested in that very building’s impact.

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Selecting environmentally conscious construction materials is the first step

The future must be sustainable. Plastics and cheaply sourced materials, not recycled, do not bode well for our resources in coming decades. While many of the extant materials of buildings of the early- and mid-twentieth century were constructed with such materials (and even hazardous materials), we need to break the cycle in order to move forward.

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Government standards and industry regulations aren’t enough

We need to take initiative and responsibility for the construction materials we use. LEED certification is a good place to start. We also want to choose local companies and local products like Maxi Mix. This saves on wasteful transportation and packaging costs (while also ensuring personalized customer service!).

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Recycling and “upcycling” the old

Although we strongly recommend recyclable materials like concrete and cement for your work, we understand that this is not always feasible. You can read more about the benefits of concrete projects here. Try to inquire about reusing old plastics, glass, aluminum, steel, and even paper with your builder or architect. Your plans might be greener than you imagined!

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Cassie Vu